Last weekend I took a trip to Atlanta. Though I had a cold for the whole trip, it was still really great to see the life of the east coast again. Markus and I ate at every diner we could find and still had time to enjoy watching Transformers on a digital screen. I didn’t get a chance to see the Georgia Tech campus, though. That’s the problem with short trips. In general, it all reminded me of the wonderful things I’ve missed since I moved to Indiana.

If I do end up living in Georgia, I think the heat will be less of an issue than I worried about. With the plentiful air conditioning everywhere, the wonderful public transit system, and the close proximity of all the wonderful places that don’t exist in Alaska, surviving in the city seems pretty easy.

All in all, it was great to see where Markus lives and to meet Natalie. She’s really sweet and even leant me the use of her horrible nostril-washing device. Hanging out on rooftops, skipping around in high-class grocery stores, chowing down on apple-pie and installing useless gizmos on other people’s laptops is how weekends are meant to be spent. And wherever life takes me, I hope it has a parks like Atlanta (ugly ducks and all).

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