Cross Country Skiing

Last friday I bought a pair of cross country skis from REI. That night I went out to one of the trails by my apartment (the place I usually frolf) to try them out. I made my way about 200 yards and back before I was completely exhausted and sore all over.

Now, I pick up a lot of hobbies. Many of those I happily abandon after a few tries, but 200 yards was not going to be my breaking point. So last night, I suited up again and met up with Emmy to try again. This time I had an experienced cross country skier with me to show me the ropes. We made some good progress on fairly flat terrain for about 45 minutes. I’m really happy about that.

By the end of the run, I was starting to get sloppy because I was so tired. However, I picked up some better form and made some great progress. I think I’m going to enjoy this sport.

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