I smiled sadly for a love long lost

From an old journal

I smiled sadly for a love long lost
to tears and wishes and dried up wells
and inside felt a great wall crack
splitting side to farthest side
a dam flooded with torrent anew.
From wellspring to memory, I
lost inside the downpour
left dry, cracked and empty
now inside filling with brackish delight

Breaking away the docks washed by
hurled in a sea of storms and
tore from me those lingering dreams
and anchors to the past.
Set adrift the touching the breathing
and perfumed hair of long gone winds
pulled along amidst the waves
to endless sky and endless sea.
On this shore buried deeply
my feet and legs and torso drought
with fear or pain or numbness parched
for any small piece of rain to fall
of waves to splash or sweat to rise.
Waiting in vain for tears to fall
when all had washed love long away.

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