Moving in

Today we got our keys!

Wit, Leah and I hopped on a bus this afternoon and traveled out to Mosfellsbær. We stopped in town and hit up the grocery store to grab a few essentials (toilet paper, soap, a little towel) so that we could function. We’re not moving in properly until Monday, but we got the keys from the landlord and took a tour of the place all put together.

There are a few remaining items to get sorted, as the whole building is brand new. We don’t have our light fixtures installed in the ceilings yet, and there’s still some masonry work being done outside. Everything inside works, though.

Our container from the United States has also arrived in Iceland. It’s currently working its way through customs, and we hope to get it delivered to the apartment very soon. Unfortunately, we don’t have anyone lined up to help us move things in from the container when it gets here. Maybe Leah will have some time to look into that.

Tomorrow she’s heading to IKEA to secure Wit a new loft bed and a couple foam mattresses for us while we wait for the container to arrive. We may be living in a very empty place for a few days next week. Yikes!

We’re also going to be shopping for a washer and dryer to install in the apartment. Most apartments don’t come with appliances at all. This one was great in that it had a refrigerator and stove and dishwasher already installed. The only things remaining are the washer and dryer. The building plumber is also on-hand to help with installations.

You can all look forward to some new pictures once things get settled in place. Bless bless!

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