Old habits


When I was in boot camp we weren’t allowed to drink things while walking. You could drink your water, sure. You could walk around (albeit at right angles), but you couldn’t do the two things together. I seem to remember someone asking why to a muttered response about preventing accidents. Whether it had a reason or not, it was one of the parts of our culture there.

I bring it up because a few minutes ago I was filling up my water bottle by the office sink. I screwed the cap back on top and went to take a drink when it hit me: I was walking. There I was, deep in thought about some project or another, when I experienced “Navius-Interruptus”. I was standing again in the mess during service week, wearing my utilities and feeling less than clean. How strange.

We had a million of these little rules. How many more will creep up on me over the years? It took half a decade to stop walking in step with everyone around me. I imagine it will always feel weird to take a drink while walking now. Old habits die hard, even the silly ones.

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