One Year Review

It’s very easy for me to fall into the little pockets of culture I see day to day. One of the great blessings of relocating regularly is that I’m exposed to new pockets, new worlds. Sometimes these are cultures of incredible beauty, simplicity, nobility, or earnestnes, and other times they are places of hedonism, rancor, or undeserved righteousness.

Each place is rarely one extreme or the other. For the most part, every city or town has its mix. In Boston, for instance, I was struck at once by the beauty and life of the place, but it was overshadowed by a frightening sense of entitlement and, dare I say it, snobbery. Most of the others have that type of balance as well.

It’s a rare city that makes me feel either totally welcomed or totally alienated, though recently Atlanta has been threatening to fall into the later category. Each day I find myself acting a little more cynacal or a little more angry. This next year will definitely be the last one here.

Luckily, there are some good people here to keep me distracted from the overwhelming amount of filth and degradation. Good people are worth an extra year, I think.