Projects or the Apropos Disassembling of a World Wide Network

I have so many pet projects from day to day, it’s tough to keep track of them all. Many are computer related, being websites or applications, while others are more manual or artistic in nature. The collective of all these hobbies and crafts seems unimaginable to me at times. And certainly, the list isn’t shrinking.

I forget about more ideas than I remember, and those that get followed through to the end are unique indeed. It’s not that I intend to let all these things slip through the cracks. Rather, I don’t have a good way to track them all, invest balanced amounts of time, and see real progress made.

Until recently, the biggest blame for that has been the internet. I would come home from work and sit down in front of the laptop. Usually I’d get as far as opening up a website I was working on, or pulling up a google result on woodcarving. Perhaps, if I were really inspired, I would even code a few lines of a program before the inevitable sloth overtook me. The television would come on, and I would open up an instant messenger. Thirteen chat windows and an evening of television later, the clock would let me know in alarming terms that I’d wasted another opportunity.

A few days ago, I gave up my internet connection at home. I took back the modem in hopes of breaking my time-wasting addiction. I can only hope I can avoid the same pitfalls with television or whatever else catches my eye.

More than anything, I need some sort of repository to keep track of all of my hobbies, their statuses, and how much time I’ve invested recently. It’s a project in itself, of course. Time will tell if I’m ever able to finish that one.