Review: Stardust


My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Short review: I loved it.

Long review: Gaiman’s skill at storytelling, the piece that makes his comics and books such a success, is his voice. I mentioned before that his book, “American Gods” was one I didn’t like, but I respected him a lot as a writer. Stardust shows why. His tone and voice as a writer walk a very specific and wonderful line between humorous fantasy and serious realism. I liken it to the move “The Princess Bride”. Everyone knows the movie is a comedy, but the tone treats its subject seriously… and that’s the magic.

Stardust is a romantic fantasy filled with unicorns, fallen stars, witches and princes. At the same time, it is a quirksome coming of age story. The writing is strong. The characters are interesting. The adventure isn’t cliche or the same old expected fare. With all that going for it the real gem, as I said, is the voice.

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