Styles and Translation

While I mentioned before that I didn’t want to build a whole GUI on top of this blog, I was also a bit disappointed in the default rendering if someone were to look at the XML directly. The major browsers are very inconsistent in how they show the data. Some allow it to just show up as plain XML. Others have built in RSS readers, now, that are hard to get around. So I chose the solution of styling the RSS feed with an XML-Stylesheet and some CSS. In this way, I didn’t have to build any extra technology wrappers around the feed. It works exactly the same from all RSS readers, but now it also looks pretty if viewed in a web browser.

Web browser support is still inconsistent, but I’m working on it. The blog shows up properly in Firefox 1.5 and 2.0, and Opera. If you disable your overpowering RSS reader built into Safari, it renders properly there as well. I’ll be testing IE in a bit. Next I need to make an XSLT that renders the permalinked pages. Then comments!

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