The Cloud


There’s been a lot of talk lately about “The Cloud”. There’s lots of new products out there touting their ability to store your info in it, move all your applications to it, make your life better through it. I wanted to post this really quick message to dispel some myths.

First, the term “The Cloud” is almost meaningless now. Advertisers have stretched its definition to the point where it’s basically synonymous with “The Internet”. Second, all these Cloud Apps you hear about: they’re websites. Yup, that’s all. Finally, despite the annoying rebranding, “The Cloud” (in its original meaning) is actually very useful. One of the biggest uses you can all take advantage of right now is storage space on the cloud.

Cloud storage is, like any cloud app, a website. There are many to choose from, and there’s no reason to choose just one. Below is a list of websites that offer free space to store your stuff. My favorites are listed first. It doesn’t matter what operating system you use, how old your computer is, or what browser you’re using (unless it’s IE6). Pop over, sign up, reap the benefits of having your files backed up online, easily shared or secured, and synced between all your computers (even at work).

Remember, all of these offer a “free” option. If you don’t see it at first, keep looking. Some of them like to hide the link or make it smaller than the pay links.

  • DropBox - 2.25GB, Easy referrals up to 16GB
  • iDrive - 5GB, Easy referrals up to 50GB
  • SugarSync - 5GB, Easy referrals increase storage: No limit
  • SkyDrive - 25GB, 25MB File size limit
  • Amazon Cloud Drive - 5GB, Amazon purchased music doesn’t take up space
  • - 5GB, 25MB File size limit
  • MiMedia - 7GB, Weird referral system
  • ADrive - 50GB, Web UI only, no client
  • Badongo - Unlimited Space, 90 Day file limit, not secure)

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