The Desk


I just looked to the side and noticed the pile of stuff building up on the corner of my desk. What an interesting collection it was. Through no particular effort on my part, I’d put together a little collage of myself. I thought it was pretty neat, anyway.

I wonder if other people have similar things creeping up around them. Maybe not on the desk, but on a nightstand or counter corner. Maybe some people have a drawer. I’m just curious about the accidental types, though. I know we design enough stuff around our interests on purpose. I think these haphazard ones are pretty special, though. They’re more intimate and natural.

That’s enough of a rant. For the curious I’ll put a little list below of the items in the picture, starting on the left and spiraling in clockwise.

  • A stapler (I started with the boring thing)
  • A picture of me and my best friend, Kristin, in high school
  • A moleskine notebook: holds story ideas, numbers, scratch math, a picture of a horse head, other notes
  • Idae Notebook: nearly indestructible, waterproof outdoor notebook
  • Portable scanner to digitize everything
  • (Top) Box and pipe tobacco
  • Book of Christian Prayer: Kinda a condensed Liturgy of the Hours
  • Saint Paul’s Daily Missal: For when I can’t get to church
  • (Obscured) Box holding my sextant
  • Some additional papers for my preparation for Italian Citizenship
  • A glass fountain pen
  • Private Reserve fountain ink from Indiana
  • (Obscured) 750GB secure external hard drive
  • Assorted USB cables
  • My Galdalf pipe
  • A microphone
  • Not pictured because this wasn’t staged: role playing game rulebook and/or dice

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