White Text - 02

whitetext was a private livejournal account I kept following a breakup in 2004. The entries came from a deep depression. They have been recollected here for data preservation.

it seems so ridiculous to write a story of my day by day here, knowing no one is reading but me. i most certainly know what happened today, and frankly, in five years when i look back i definitely wont care. what i may care about, though, is how i was feeling around this time. i probably wont bother to even read a post about who said what to whom, nor will my attention be grabbed by the assortment of foods i was sucking down when my daily drama occurred.

i’m listening to a lot of folk music, old blues, and some ethereal (soundtrack-like) electronica. while not important in itself, it represents what i’m feeling and how my soul wants to cry out. art is an important gauge for me. it tells me how i am, and whether i should be concerned.

This page is cryptographically signed with my public key.